Zach is a natural with children and knows how to get the best out of them - with patience and positivity. Both my boys feel very comfortable with him and are progressing so well. Zach ensures children find a love for music, which is absolutely key for progressing this wonderful instrument. His honesty and realistic attitude is a big plus - we have recommended Zach to our friends and they are very happy also.
Zach is a humble and precise teacher, who really aspires to making children naturally connect with the tabla. His lessons and curriculum are so well structured. Sahib is always excited for tabla lessons!”
My children started learning with Zach over 5 years ago and they both look forward to their classes. We used to go for face to face lessons. However since the lockdown we have been doing the virtual classes, and I am still seeing continuous improvement in my children’s tabla technique.
Zach is a fantastic tabla teacher, guiding my son with the right level of help at each stage . Very encouraging and my son is learning a lot, with the pleasant bonus of also being able to sit recognised music board level exams! Has navigated online learning throughout the Covid crisis, seamlessly - highly recommend him. My son is also keen to say a few words; Uncle Zach is the best tabla teacher - he teaches tabla in a very calming way . He is very patient and doesn’t get stressed . Thanks to uncle Zach I’m really enjoying learning tabla, Love Sunny.
Zach is polite, friendly and very professional. He has a holistic approach to teaching, which I find very helpful. Before I start my lesson I am made to feel very comfortable sitting by the tabla. The whole approach to teaching is relaxed and comfortable. Zach's teaching is inspired and engaging. We have a good rapport, he explains what we are doing and why. I am very happy with my tabla teacher.
Adult Learner
Learning to play with Zach had brought my love for music back. Having stopped for over 15 years coming back into music was a challenge overcoming the nerves and lack of confidence. Through Zach’s passion of music and his love for teaching enabled me to connect with music once again. He is a gentle soul, with ample patience. He is so polite, professional and most of all passionate about what he does! Incredibly talented and such a great teacher. I would recommend him to anyone, of all abilities and experiences, of all ages and walks of life he has that unique ability to connect with each individual on a personal level making each lesson unique and thoroughly memorable. Keep up the great work Zach!
Adult Learner
Zach has taught our son for the last 10 years, from the age of 4 years. During this time he has been an amazing teacher. He has a very calm demeanor and excellent teaching style. There is also a very clear structure to proceed through the formal grading. What we have really appreciated is the ethics and values he has instilled in our son during this time. We would highly recommend Zach!
As a professional western drummer I hadn’t played tabla since 2001, but studying with Zach has made me feel reconnected to the instrument in new ways. This time I’ve surpassed my previous length of time with a teacher thanks to Zach’s exciting program. He is always clear in his demonstrations and patient with me as I learn how to play and understand each new lesson. The best part is always when Zach gives me new things to play and practice. And something very important to me is his commitment in maintaining a student’s technique to a proficient standard. For adult tabla students Zach does understand the need for flexibility around work as well as around health issues(as in my case). In short, 10/10 highest recommendation.
Professional Musician