Most of my students achieve Grade 5 by the age of 11.

Tabla lessons are available throughout the week online and face to face. I offer a free online assessment to check if your child is ready to learn and for parents to highlight any specific learning needs. 

I follow a structured grade 1-8 syllabus and the exams are with the Open College Network in the UK. 

Students learn to identify, recite, clap and play bols at varied speeds. They further study the history of Indian music and examine legendary tabla players.

Online Teaching

I have spent considerable time with specialist online education trainers from the USA and have received coaching from tech experts. 

I also practice riaz (dedicated daily practice) online with my guru. It involves running through professional level technical exercises to maintain my playing stamina. It’s like having a sports coach to reach peak performance. 

Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home! 

I appreciate e-learning may look different but rest assured due to my expertise as a virtual teacher and communicating on screen with my own guru, you will feel as if we are meeting in person.

A complimentary tech call is available before the lesson takes place, checking everything works and that you are comfortable. I prefer Zoom but let me know if you would like to use something else.

I record bespoke tailored micro videos for children requiring more time on specific points of learning. It ensures they are confidently practicing at home and not feeling stressed or overwhelmed


It’s never too late to learn! I offer a comfortable and relaxed environment for adults, building up musical confidence through easy to follow steps. My students range from retired people, police officers, dentists, charity workers, business owners, jazz musicians, DJs and emerging music producers. Please book the free online assessment if you wish to have an informal  chat.