Hi, my name is Zachariah Singh and here is a bit about my musical journey:

My degree is in engineering, but after graduating I decided to continue with my passion of learning the tabla (Delhi Gharana) through the Guru Shishya tradition. I have had the opportunity to perform on television, radio and stage. In addition to this, I have collaborated with both classical western and eastern artists.  

The move towards tabla teaching started after numerous requests from family and friends. Many of their children were being  taught the wrong techniques, and as a perfectionist I found this very frustrating. Eventually, this led to ‘The West London School of Tabla’ being created.

In the past 16 years, I have worked as a music teacher across a variety of primary and secondary schools through out  London. Doing so gave me the chance to observe how children learn the tabla, and develop their confidence through a systematic approach. My quality of teaching has been further endorsed through Ofsted inspections and assessments carried out by various School Music Services. In order to maintain my personal practice and musical development I regularly visit my guru in Mumbai or catch up with him on-line.

Family Life

I was raised on a farm in the Punjab region of India surrounded by beautiful countryside. At the age of 9 I moved to Oxford with my seven brothers and sisters. Music played an important role in the family with us singing and playing a variety of instruments most evenings. I guess it was a way to keep us connected to Indian culture. As a married man with two children, we have continued with this tradition at extended family gatherings. My wife works with creative graduates at a university in London, my daughter is studying film and photography and my son enjoys combining Indian percussion with western drumming. Spending time with all my loved ones is important.